Square with Rounded Corners

The picture of the two of us,
pulled from my suit-coat pocket,
leans on my dresser.

Square with rounded corners,
faded blue ink–
Kodak May 1980–
printed on the back.

I scanned it for my lock screen, too,
so I can see myself
leaning up against her in the slanted spring light.

The first few days after
Mom taught me how to die
were simpler–

but when I walk outside,
leaves are turning,
afternoons are darker now.

11 thoughts on “Square with Rounded Corners

  1. bluebrightly

    I’m with Chris, above. And this brings to mind a time when I was there at the end, on a summer day, and then found fall so difficult to accept. The changing of the seasons echoed the loss too closely.

  2. chrisbkm

    Almost a year between this post and your return today. The sincere simplicity of it rings like a bell across the days. It is very good to read your writing again.

  3. brenda

    your writing…sharing brings to mind the scent and feel of the “square with rounded corners” photographs which nonverbally story treasured memories of emotional connections…thank you for sharing your words and for the profound gift within.

    1. tac [bussokuseki] Post author

      I should have quite a bit to say but I find that if they aren’t just right, the words themselves violate the feeling… Thanks so much for reading and saying hello, Johnny, always good to connect.


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