Earnest Offering

I’ve gone through half an eraser;
there’s some danger I might believe
that the thoughts I used to have
were better,

the way they made images
when captured in my notebook.
So much more evasive now,
I struggle to evaluate their worth.

The night insects, though,
make their earnest offering
through open August windows —
calling and calling.

But it is all just noise —
I sit distracted

by the tears
my son couldn’t show me
when we argued this afternoon,

by the cars outside
moving too quickly down the hill.

14 thoughts on “Earnest Offering

  1. johnnycrabcakes

    Ouch. Felt in the heart.

    FWIW–the third stanza makes for a fantastic stand-alone piece (with perhaps the “though”). Wonderful sonics. Mellifluous.

    Peace to you and yours.

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you, johnny, your presence and your feedback mean a lot.

      They’re all coming so much more slowly now, but from deep, deep in the heart.

      Be well my friend, be well~

      1. johnnycrabcakes

        Yes. My life is full of too many things other than poetry lately. Many of them are wonderful things, but I would like just a little more room for poems to happen.


    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you so much for saying so. It’s another good deed of yours…

      I suppose that honesty with myself is a really element of my writing. If I don’t speak the words, it can be too easy to pretend that what they represent isn’t really there.

      Be well~

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you, Jeff. I honestly feel like the gift is for me, that there would be folks out there who would read my words and share their thoughts. Be well~

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  3. Eric Tonningsen

    My hearts feels for both of you.

    To your notebook thoughts, perhaps they’ve evolved to the present — where they’re intended. Offered rhetorically.

    I always enjoy and appreciate your shares. Thank you.


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