14 thoughts on “Not Strong Enough

  1. seeingm

    “The last whispers of childhood”… that observation has within it so much power to help humanity understand itself. As I realized I would not be bearing any children myself, I was gifted the opportunity by a precious sister to be present at the birth of her last child (turned out to be a niece). This past summer this niece came to visit me and I caught a glimpse of those tender and precious moments occurring with this little girl who is turning into a young woman in her living of life.

    In the Christian canon there is a teaching that we must become like little children again if one desires to enter the kingdom of heaven. If we can identify and clearly understand what it is that is fading and receding as we watch these young beings in our lives grow up, I think they offer a precious and wonderful glimpse at a pathway back closer to home inside ourselves, too. Any mourning or fear that is felt at the changes can then be transformed into celebration as we all help and teach and remind each other of other potentials within BEING adults.

    More and more I am remembering to walk in wonderment for my life and the living of it in a world that seems less and less solid, less and less known. The adult sureties in labeling are growing looser and as they do, more and more the living of each day brings moments of pure magic.

    BEAUTIFUL found in observing the shares from the emotional landscape at your front door Bussokuseki, yet again.

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      You offer so much, M.

      I think they offer a precious and wonderful glimpse at a pathway back closer to home inside ourselves, too.

      This is beautiful and resonates so clearly with much of my own experience. For I remember being that child. And while the impermanence of my own existence means that child is no longer who I am, it offers a glimpse, an unfaded note, on who I may become.

      I’ll better walk in wonderment on this day for your contributions. Thank you, bless you, be well~

  2. harulawordsthatserve

    Reading the comments on this post, and others you write, is a magical journey of poetry meets fellow poets…the beautifully expressed and heartfelt responses you evoke are testament to the strength and authenticity of your writing, which speaks directly to the heart. I enjoyed my overdue visit here very much:-) Blessings, Harula xxx

  3. ama

    Heartache and heartbreak are what make us human, isn’t that what you taught me? Tears are heavy, tears can cleanse, but tears can never wash away the memories. xo

  4. kelihasablog

    Really , really touching and beautifully written… It provokes thought & feeling, which is always good. 😀

  5. Michael

    Your words cause an oboe in my chest to quiver. If a fear can be shared, this is what happened. But I think a shared fear unites, and union is fear’s undoing, so what has happened here must be healing. Thank you for that. Michael

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you, Michael, I always appreciate your comments. The fears, I suppose, are universal, though each of us face them (or not) in unique ways. Happy to have some union in this moment. Be well~

  6. pi314chron

    Welcome back! How I have been missing your exquisite poetry/haiku! I’ll be thinking about this one for some time to come. Just wonderful!



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