This morning,
our children surrounding you
as closely as the faded sheets,

you were not mine alone
to whisper,
to touch —

the years intervening
since that day
when the air was thicker, closer,
and I climbed down the rocks
near your parents’ house
to swim through the fog in the ocean,
a ritual cleansing of my own choosing.

Each breath of that morning
had been simple,
even anticipation ceasing —

perhaps succumbing
to its own inability
to describe any truth
but an assurance of
holding us both
in unborn arms,
vast oceans,
and summer rainstorms.


15 thoughts on “Anniversary

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  2. pi314chron

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful — so reminiscent of Rexroth. Breathtakingly simple and exquisite in tone.

    Warmest Respect,


    1. seeingm

      Yes yes I agree…

      As the full moon rises
      The swan sings in sleep
      On the Lake of the mind
      (on Rextoth’s grave)

      Swimming in the fog of the ocean for cleansing fits right there, too.

      Just lovely as always and yes, it is so wonderful to have loveliness in ones life that inspires such words. -x.M


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