She’s Rearranged Her Room

She’s rearranged her room
and proudly invites her father
to admire the work.

It makes up most of her world
on this summer afternoon —
careful placement of
well-worn friends,
books for reading
in the pillowed corner,
a place she has reserved for
just behind the bed.

If you lie right there
you can reach the fan, she tells him.

Turn it on, she says —
it smells just like the outside.

Her father looks out the window
as he turns the switch,
the ancient glass curving the view
across the lawn.

It really does, he replies,
tasting in that breath,
just for a moment at
the back of his throat,
the back of his memory,

his own childhood
rearranged room,
just-so and steady.

20 thoughts on “She’s Rearranged Her Room

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  2. Matthew

    What a lovely impression. And what a lovely gift you have in a child who will carefully and willingly clean and arrange her own room. You, sir, are fortunate!

  3. seeingm

    a Papa-san* being present with presence, entering into the externalized expression of his daughter, as she invites him to witness with her as she creates and remembers her feelings of worth through use of imagination and “things” in her room. -it is a bedroom as sacred teaching temple location.

    a daughter’s love for her father with her sharing from less cultured, innocent and pure observation with connections to experiencing outside inside… both meaning room to outdoors and her spirit to his.

    you lead each other to the eternal time traveling connections threaded in the background of all life and BOOM you are back to being the boy again sitting with this little girl in that very same room…

    how many other human beings have lived and breathed in that same temple space of a bedroom and what did they see in the waves of time and light looking out through rock turned to sand made into glass? …looking outside in to the human heart.

    Simply beautiful deeeeep share bussokuseki. Thank you 🙂


    * what I have always called my dad… “Papa” with the “san” added after years of a Japanese couple living my family when I was a child. x

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      “Looking outside into the human heart”. What a beautiful sentiment and frame for my own experience.

      I am always so deeply touched by your comments – how wonderful and thoughtful, such gifts. Thank you for this one, for you visit. Be well~

  4. zenandjuniorhigh

    My daughter comes and has me look at any changes she makes in her room, or with toys she’s stacking, or with anything she builds. It’s really cute how proud she is of subtle little things that mean so much to her.

    Of course, as I say this, I just got back from rearranging the tables in my classroom with a very similar pride. I went to show a colleague, but no one was around.

    So I came home and played with my daughter.

  5. blackangelplayah

    I love your stories so much. They actually make my day sometimes. I make sure to get them directly to my inbox. 🙂


  6. pi314chron

    Beautiful composition. Its velvet music is like nothing I’ve read in far too many years and has brought memories flooding back of a time when we were unfettered by adult cares. Thank you for sharing your elegant and charming poetry. ** 🙂 **

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      I am grateful for your comments and so happy that the words struck a chord with you. It is the beauty of sharing our work – and our lives – when we find connections. Be well~

  7. josna

    Achingly beautiful. You capture that pride a child feels in setting up her/his own room “just so,” the sense of achievement in gaining a measure of control. And you also capture the vulnerability, the dependence of a child’s world.

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you, Josna, for the wonderful comment. Some of it is so, to use your word, achingly difficult to capture…But I suppose that we are all better for the effort of observing. Be well~

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you so much for saying so – it is so easy to fret over every phoneme, wanting it to be exactly right…just like a rearranged room. What a blessing, thank you, be well~


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