Expectations dashed,
morning arises just the same.

We skirt the space from last night
and busy ourselves
in living —

I understand
the rain should taper off today.

There are difficult moments in much of what I write, but I have been reluctant to post something that doesn’t somehow tie up neatly. Not all moments do.

10 thoughts on “Morning

  1. seeingm

    The best moments hardly never start clean and almost always leave unspoken emotional elephants to track progress in the corners of the room. They are the treasures of potential for our greatest teaching and we take their classes over and over and over until we learn the lessons we signed up to master. When we have the courage to revisit them to resolution, the bow of experiential wisdom ties itself and we move on to the next upgrade.

    When life is lived from love, with the awareness of using events as distraction, it is ok to pause and let focusing on the surface details give time for sediments stirred up to settle. When they do, we can dive in again later with more of the centered observer in tow in the now, and the elephant begins to join in the conversation with a bit more clarity so we do not become lost to the same level in the moment ever again. This is when we begin experiencing our relationships when detached and uncomfortable, as the space for the gifts that they are.

    She mirrors the perfection of your current imperfections perfectly :).

    Thank you for having the courage to share with such simple elegance. It is so beautiful to read. I too have done the dance of pretend until it was time to try real again. Your words capture this for me so well. -x.M

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you so much for such a heartfelt and beautifully expressed comment. The mirrors of perfection of you current imperfections… Wonderful.

      And it is funny that you should end your comment with the phrase the dance of pretend – for that, pretending, is topic of tomorrow’s post. Until then, be well my friend~

  2. pi314chron

    I think the poem stands on its own merits just as it is and doubt that my impromptu burping in the third “stanza” helps anything — *shrug*

    My sharpened pencil writes,
    “I hope the rain
    will taper off


    Your haiku is exquisite! Drop by my site sometime to see my efforts. — 🙂 —


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