Spring Haiku #2

morning carries
cold lilac breezes —
whispered and gone

When posting my last few haiku, I have described my struggle to write, how I have had to circle around and coax out the words. In contrast, three pieces have emerged in succession in recent days – this haiku, a free verse poem, and a piece of prose. While two are not yet complete, I marveled at first at the difference. But I suppose that is simply how it is – as a writer, as a father, as a husband. Quite striking and not-so-remarkable all at once. I’m looking forward to sharing all three in the coming week.

11 thoughts on “Spring Haiku #2

  1. bluebrightly

    This one sends a shiver down my spine. It’s refreshing to read – a little bit of discomfort associated with a pretty spring flower that most often is accompanied by sweetness only.

  2. Carla Saunders

    Writing seems to be like painting. I can struggle on most paintings or a better description woud be the painting evolved slowly. But sometimes a painting resolves itself rather quickly, a gift to the creator.

  3. seeingm

    With the reading, I am once again a small child out in the yard on my grandparent’s farm… bathed by scent in the space under the lilac tree with my uncle’s German Shepard curled next to me helping keep the chill of spring at bay.

    Thank you for your share. It gifted me a wonderful childhood memory. -x.M

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      And thank you for your visit. I grew up on a farm myself, and we had an enormous bank of lilacs – I find their scent to be so evocative. Be well~

      1. seeingm

        Yes this was definitely a lilac tree in feeling to a little person, no small bush at all. I have always also found it so interesting how powerfully they smell, yet how quickly they will wilt when cut. It is almost impossible to catch and contain them to bring them indoors! 🙂

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