A Long-Forgotten Toy

Outside a robin hops
from a crusted snow pile
to the matted spring grass.

I stand at the window and watch,
while the echo of quiet play
mixed with soft humming
drifts out of the nearby bedroom
and into the hallway,

coming from a son
who is supposed
to be getting dressed —
but who has found absorption
in a long-forgotten toy.

I wish I could move
to see him,
but I don’t dare
stir the light
or sound the floorboards.

My body is warmed by the sun

before a shouted question
from downstairs intrudes
and the moment drains away.

14 thoughts on “A Long-Forgotten Toy

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    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you, Don – your thoughtful comment is a gift, too. I appreciate you reading and taking some time to share your thoughts, as always. Be well this day~

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your thoughts, Clare. They are precious moments, indeed – which makes it especially difficult not to cling too tightly to them. Be well~


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