Surrounded by Dust and Calloused

As a wedding present for my wife
I rebuilt an antique dressing table
that I had found discarded on a sidewalk.
Coaxing the yards of inlay
into the old grooves
wore away awareness of time.

I’d like to make furniture,
and leave my shirts and ties in the hallway closet.
Surrounded by dust
and calloused,
silent inside the cacophony of tools.

If only I had planned for that life,

I could run down from the top floor of the barn
and watch the children step off the bus.
I could speak slowly about my day
and show my wife the curve in a piece of ash.

5 thoughts on “Surrounded by Dust and Calloused

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  2. suddenleftturn

    I so resonate with this. I am in a recent career transition and part of what is holding me back from leaping forward.. is that I have missed deep moments in life of simply being present and investing in things that my soul cares about. I am not sure where this present course will lead me, but I am enjoying your thoughts and anticipate finding inspiration. From another (former) New Englanduh.

    1. bussokuseki Post author

      I am just so happy that you found that poem…I go back to it every so often when I am thinking or writing about this issue, and it means so much to me. I wish you the best on your own journey, still working mine out (not that that will change…)

      Be well~


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